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How to install roller blinds


How to install roller blinds in 5 easy steps

Roller blind installation in 5 easy steps, follow my simple guide to installing roller blinds on existing windows or a new home. Generally this type of installation is either completed by installing the blind inside the recess of the window , commonly called inside mount or alternatively on the architrave which is referred to as outside mount. If you follow my easy guide you are guaranteed to have your new blinds installed as good as the professional installer.

My easy roller blind installation guide will allow you to install a various types of blinds including mini blinds , roman shades , bamboo blinds and all window blind installations. One of the best tools of trade that you will require is a carpenters level  or spirt level this will aid you in ensuring that your brackets and blind are level after installation. You will also learn how to remove vertical blinds or old blinds that must be taken down prior to your new blinds being installed.

Installing window blinds is a simple process that will allow you to install any type of blind in around 15 minutes per window.

All the following products are covered in my guide

  • installing roman shades
  • installing cellular blinds
  • how to install venetian blinds
  • installing faux wood blinds
  • installing vertical blinds
  • installing horizontal blinds
  • installing wooden blinds

One of the most important items for consideration when installing your new window blinds is to ensure that you have a  cordless drill, this will save alot of time and ensure that you have a professional installation when completed.  Your new roller blinds will provide privacy at night and protection from the sun and heat during the day. They are light weight and take up minimal room when they are rolled all the way up to the top.  

Step 1

Unpack your new blind and if installing in the recess of the window ensure that the blind fits with a clearance of 5mm on each side. If installing on the architrave , the blind should measure the full width across the window , less 5mm overall.

Step 2

The majority of roller blinds are now operated on a chain driven system, unpack your brackets and screws , you will now notice that both of the brackets are slightly different, this next step determines which way your blind will be installed. If you go to the end of the blind that has the round pin extending out you notice that it will only suit one of the brackets – this is called the idler, the other bracket is only suited for the chain drive end.

Step 3

Always install the idler bracket first , for example if your chain is on the right side then the bracket that will be installed first is the left side. Once you have drilled this bracket in the correct position, hold the blind up to ensure again that it is going to fit into the area that you require. Now install the right bracket (chain drive end) . Your are now ready to click the blind into place.

Step 4

Firstly click the chain drive end into its bracket first, ensuring that the chain is free from obstruction and that the chain is facing downwards. Now whilst maintaining pressure on the blind move across to the left side of the window and slowly move the blind up to the left bracket. You will now notice that the pin in the end of the blind is actually spring loaded and can be pushed in slightly to allow the blind to be inserted into the left bracket. Click it up slowly and you are done.

Step 5

Now test the blind several times to ensure that everything is working  correctly, you will be supplied with a special chain locking device. Basically clip this over the chain at the bottom and screw into recess or architrave. This will prevent  and minimise and danger of cords to young children and infants.

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