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Types of window blinds

A blind is a blind - that is not necessarily true, many people refer to blinds as a generic term and do not really know what is the difference between a roller blind or timber blind. All they know or care about is that it is a blind and you put it on that thing called a window, follow this blind trail to every term possible regarding a blind or thingy.
Roller Blinds
Roller blind
This often refers to a blind that goes up and down and is either operated via a chain or spring , most modern homes are now totally relying on this type of design to create a unique and modern look to their rooms. They are cost effective and will definitely enhance your home.

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Timber Blinds
timber blind
This type of blind is mainly use to regulate the amount of light coming into a room, the horizontal slats can be tilted opened or closed and the blind can be raised up or down . They come in a variety of colours , compositions and the blade width varies from company to company. They are a stylish traditional look to any home. More often they are being used in bathrooms and laundry.

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: Venetians , Timber Venetians , Cedar Venetians , Slat blinds , Faux Wood blinds , louvre blinds
Roman Blinds
roman blinds
These types of blinds have always been used to create and impress a modern clean cut feel to any window , their stylish fabrics and design lend themselves to any home decor. Material that are used are wide and varied , ranging from translucent to full blackout , plain or patterned. The blinds can either be operated via a cord or chain driven system , we also now have available motorised roman blinds. They are generally installed above your window frame to ensure maximum light into your room.

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Roman blinds , roman shades , custom romans , ready made romans , relaxed roman shade , bamboo roman shade , sunscreen roman blinds , fabric roman shades , made to measure roman blinds
Aluminium Venetians
Again this type of blind is mainly used to regulate privacy and the amount of light that you would like into an area. They are made from Aluminium coil stock, this comes in a variety of colours and finishes. They are either installed inside the recess of the window or alternatively on the architrave.They are operated by tilting the blades or again lifting or lowering the blind.

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Slimline venetians , micro venetians , aluminium venetian blinds , slat blinds,
Vertical Blinds
One of the main features of a vertical blind is that it allows for full coverage of the window but maintains a minimal look on the window , especially when the blind is stacked to one side. An average window will only lose 200mm of actual window when installed correctly. Most fabrics used on vertical blinds is either 89mm ,100mm or 127mm being the standard. Blinds can be recess or architrave installed.

Search With: Verticals , timber vertical blinds , vertical slats
Dual Roller Blinds
Exactly the same operation as a normal roller blind with the exception that 2 types of roller blinds are installed on the same bracket, one blind is a total blackout roller blind and the other generally is a sunscreen roller blind. Hundreds of fabrics to choose from and be installed either recess or architrave fit.

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Double roller blinds , duo roller blinds , dual roller screens , day night rollers , double view roller blinds , combination blinds .
Motorised Blinds
Any blind that can be motorised , Somfy remote control blinds provide the opportunity of basically motorising any blind. They are fully remote control and be used via a wired in motor or now using a battery operated motorisation system. The programming can be done via the remote and allows for large windows to now be covered in one blind or a combination of linked blinds.

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Remote control roller blinds , electric blinds , motor blinds , motorized blinds , c bus blinds , cordless blinds

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